Nielsjan Tavernier & Tom van der Borght

Tom Van Der Borght (1978) is a fashion designer from Gent. He is a newbie in the world of fashion and stormed his way into this world at the age of 42, after an entire life as a social worker. His clothes stand out with crazy color combinations, psychedelic prints and give you an overwhelming sensory experience.

Tom will be collaborating with Niels-Jan Tavernier from atelier de Zandberg. They are still looking for an entrance. Tom: “In itself I think that this is all very exciting and fun. Transformers, spaceships, dinos, and sometimes a made up creature … It was amazing to discover his universe.”

Niels-Jan is an artist with a remarkable passion for spaceships and airplanes. He builds his own creations after famous sci fi examples from carton and paper. He builds his creations like a gigantic network of little cubicles in which he creates an intern structure that he sometimes, but not always, finishes with skin on paper. Throughout the years Niels-Jan has experimented with materials like plaster, clay, wood, porcelain and glass.


@Droog Amsterdam

Staalstraat 7-A, 1011 JJ Amsterdam

every day 12:00 - 19:00

Image from Nielsjan Tavernier & Tom van der Borght by OutsiderLand

Nielsjan and Tom