Bruin Parry & Jan Hoek

Jan Hoek (1984) is a visual artist that has been working with all possible outsiders for over ten years now. He has collaborated with homeless trans sexworkers on a fashion magazine and lived in a psychiatric hospital for over three months to work with talented patients on the comic Mental Superpowers. In addition, he has been the sitter of Bruin Parry since Jan was sixteen.

Bruin Parry (1999) is an artist, talented illustrator, dancer and an extreme Michael Jackson fan, even so that he likes to go through life as Bruin Jackson. Bruin works in the studio of Jan Hoek four days a week and has worked in the Outsider Art Galerie and Bijzonder Amsterdams. Bruin is known for his geometrical black and white drawings, but once in a while when he gets the taste of it he likes to let loose and make colorful, Miro-inspired works.

Jan and Bruin have known each other since Bruin was a little baby. Nowadays both of them have grown into incredible hunks, which made them decide to create their own underwear line together. The base of this line will be white and sustainable underpants for men from the Zeeman on which they both make their own illustrations. These underpants reveal the entire history of Bruin and Jan, their love for the Turtles, Bassie & Adriaan, the other sitters, drawing and many more things.


Galerie Fleur & Wouter, pop up Lil’Amsterdam

Centraal Station: Stationsplein 31 - 33, 1012 AA Amsterdam

wed - sun 12:00 - 19:00

Image from Bruin Parry & Jan Hoek by OutsiderLand

Jan and Bruin

Image from Bruin Parry & Jan Hoek by OutsiderLandImage from Bruin Parry & Jan Hoek by OutsiderLand