Daniël Jos Eerenberg & Wobbewear

Daniël Jos Eerenberg (2003) wanted to work with Wieger Windhorst of Wobbewear because he really liked the bomber jackets that Wieger had customized and also liked Wieger’s way of drawing. Wieger was also really impressed by Daniel’s work when he visited Atelier De Witte Olifant in Almere and saw Daniel’s sketchbook. They decided to work together by making illustrations and texts.

Daniël draws all kinds of things that come straight out of his imagination: made up superheroes that are also vegetables, stones with healing powers, pistols, angels, knives, dripping water, clothes, men of fire, cute bombs, varied with lists of things he likes or dislikes. Wieger draws, amongst other things, made up comic figures, self portraits as Donald Duck, nude girls, deers and proboscis monkeys. In Wieger’s drawings it’s mainly about the tension between image and text.

At first when they started working together there was no clear idea of what they wanted to make. Wieger asked Daniël what he wanted to make and what his inspirations were at the moment. Daniël told about the Zen buddhism, the Yin-yang symbol and Chinese wisdom. Just like Wieger, Daniël watched a lot of movies on Youtube, they both turned out to be a bit of a Youtube addict. Wieger experienced a kind of a burn-out before the summer and had started meditating since a couple of years, so Daniëls thematics really spoke to him. The result is a line of pencil etuis, pillows and four unique zen-streetwear suits. Appropriate to wear for yoga, meditation or just to be the coolest kid on the block in Almere Haven.

The pencil etuis are made by Janky, the lovely aunt of Wieger, and her friends Ank en Janneke.The four unique looks are made with a a sharp eye for detail by Patricia from Invalid Ateliers in Rotterdam.


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Image from Daniël Jos Eerenberg & Wobbewear by OutsiderLand

Daniël and Wieger

Image from Daniël Jos Eerenberg & Wobbewear by OutsiderLandImage from Daniël Jos Eerenberg & Wobbewear by OutsiderLand