Saaber Bachir & Kasbah Kosmic

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Not only is Kenza from Kasbah Kosmic collaborating with Marie Bodson, she also has a collaboration with Saaber Bachir.

Saaber is 25, he’s a multidisciplinary artist who worked with many different medium such as drawing, painting, video making, reading rap songs and also working on textile, he developed very personal jewellery design made in fabric. Saaber loves what’s shining, bling bling and bombastic. He’s fascinated by marocain wedding with a lot traditional music, ambiance and glitter. Saaber has been going to atelier indigo since 4 years already. On the side he’s also doing Taekwondo on a really high level (almost Olympic)

Saaber is collaborating with Algerian-Belgian Kenza Taleb, from the label Kasbah Kosmic, that, in an ingenious way, upcycles traditional garments from Algeria and surroundings and cuts them up with Western vintage and designer clothing.

Kenza en Saaber developed a line of bling bling related to Marrocain weddings and hip hop fantasies which linked their North African origins

Image from Saaber Bachir & Kasbah Kosmic by OutsiderWear

Saaber and Kenza

Image from Saaber Bachir & Kasbah Kosmic by OutsiderWear