Rudy de Gruyl & Benedikt Fischer

Vriend van Bavink

Geldersekade 58, 1012 BK Amsterdam

wed - sun 13:00 - 18:00

Rudy de Gruyl (1962) is a philosopher, collector and painter. He has experienced different phases within his work: aliens, animals, human nudity, television programmes, fruit and currently: letters. Rudy: “I like to work with a lot of colors and I love plants and animals. I watch a lot of fairytale films; The Sleeping Beauty is my favourite.”

Rudy has a lot of similarities with jewelry designer Benedikt Fischer (1984). They both love smoking rollies, surveying the streets to find treasures and homo-erotic male buttocks.

Benedikt is a graduate from the jewelry department at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy. Since his graduation he has been represented by twelve jewelry galleries from all over the world. He is well known for his series of shells of which he made little mouths. In addition Benedikt works a lot with ceramics and makes, amongst other things, chandeliers in the shapes of bananas.

They worked together every week for a long period of time and the result is a beautiful world with homo-erotic jewelry presented on self made furniture. To be seen at Gallery Vriend van Bavink in Amsterdam.

Image from Rudy de Gruyl & Benedikt Fischer by OutsiderWear

Rudy and Benedikt