Outsiderwear Tattoo-Project

@Droog Amsterdam

(10 - 30 July)

Staalstraat 7-A, 1011 JJ Amsterdam

Every day 12:00 - 19:00

On Jan Hoek’s initiative Outsiderwear has also started a tattoo-project. A lot of Outsider artists want tattoos or have a great love for tattoos, but are unable to do anything with this wish in reality. On one side tattoos are quite expensive, and on the other side; not every outsider artist has the freedom to make such a permanent decision.

Jan Hoek is a big fan of tattoos. He has given over forty tattoo artists from all over the world the freedom to tattoo a portrait of themselves on Jan, this has made his body a sort of museum. His tattoos show how tattoo artists from different places see themselves. In addition, Jan also designs and tattoos his own ‘clumsy’ tattoos under the name Janhoektattoo.

For all the outsider artists with a love for tattoos we are going to produce temporary tattoo sheets. Amongst the people working on these sheets is Stichting ArtBRUUT, who brings homeless artists from the Pijp together. With them we organized a tattoo workshop in Sexyland. But artists like Tirza de Wild and Bruin Parry are also creating their own tattoo sheet.

For the people that really want their own tattoo to become a real tattoo we are trying to find a way to realize this. In addition we will do an Outsiderwear tattoo Pop Up Shop with tattoo artist Order where people can get a permanent tattoo with the designs of the outsider artists.