Nielsjan Tavernier & Tom van der Borght

@Droog Amsterdam

Staalstraat 7-A, 1011 JJ Amsterdam

every day 12:00 - 19:00

Tom Van Der Borght (1978) is a fashion designer from Gent. He is a newbie in the world of fashion and stormed his way into this world at the age of 42, after an entire life as a social worker. But he has already won several prestigious awards, including the coveted Grand Prix in the fashion category at the Hyères Festival and the Hyères City Audience Award. His clothes stand out with crazy color combinations, psychedelic prints and give you an overwhelming sensory experience.

Tom has been collaborating with Nielsjan Tavernier from atelier de Zandberg in Belgium. Tom: “I think the world of Nielsjan is very exciting and fun. Transformers, spaceships, dinos, and sometimes a made up creature… It is amazing to discover his universe.”

Nielsjan is an artist with a remarkable passion for spaceships and airplanes. He builds his own creations after famous sci fi examples from carton and paper. He builds his creations like a gigantic network of little cubicles in which he creates an intern structure that he sometimes, but not always, finishes with skin on paper. Throughout the years Nielsjan has experimented with materials like plaster, clay, wood, porcelain and glass.

Together, Tom and Nielsjan are working on a world of their own. They will release eight different sweaters, which will be shown and sold from 10th of July @DROOG in the Staalstraat in Amsterdam

Image from Nielsjan Tavernier & Tom van der Borght by OutsiderWear

Nielsjan and Tom

Image from Nielsjan Tavernier & Tom van der Borght by OutsiderWear