Naomi Schupper

@Droog Amsterdam

Staalstraat 7-A, 1011 JJ Amsterdam

every day 12:00 - 19:00

Where during Outsiderwear we mainly show collaborations between artists from the “insider” world and the “outsider” world, Naomi embodies both worlds in one person. She did academic studies, as a Fashion Designer in England and since then has been working as a professional designer, under her own label and for big designer names and commercial companies, as Vivienne Westwood, Helen Storey, Red or Dead and more. But five years ago, she left the fashion and now she is working in the Outsider Art Galerie in Amsterdam.

A sickness (and lack of breathing) that occurred and influenced her fiscally and emotionally, has intensified and in a way shifted her interest direction. Now her work is not part of the fashion industry anymore, but gives in a poetic way critics on how suffocating (and at the same time beautiful) that world is.

Her works rises from curiosity about her personal development and view of women and their identity, which she believes represents a vivid visual expression of society today, influenced by contemporary culture and mental and physical consciousness.

As a second-generation of ww2, she inherited the desire for hoarding and collecting, which is an existential practice for her. It has become her expression in her search for balance, safety and stableness. She works mainly with paper, textiles, jewelry, using layers, alluding to the complexity and layers in life and personalities revealing and concealing, creating a never-ending story.

Image from Naomi Schupper by OutsiderWear