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Guillaume Schmidt is one of the founders of Patta and Vincent van der Waal is one of the regular designers at Patta. In 2004 Patta opened their doors in Amsterdam and has grown into one of the biggest streetwear brands from the Netherlands and the place to go to get the newest sneakers. But Patta is also one big family with all kinds of creatives that share the same passion for streetwear, sport, music and (street)culture.

Besides being a former world champion for running the 100 metres track, Regillio Benjamin is also a visual artist. Athletics and sport are his biggest passion, but his paintings aren’t so bad either. With a lot of feel for colors, Regillio creates abstract paintings in which you can see running tracks that slowly turn into more abstract prints inspired by fabrics from Surinam. Patta also considers sports to be very important, that is why they created a running team-line. In this collaboration they have explored the ways to create a unique design that shows the enjoyment of running.

Desmond Tjon-A-Koy works mainly with pencil and fineliner on themes that are either about rap culture or are inspired religiously or culturally. He draws, amongst other things, portraits of black icons like Naomi Campbell, Aaliyah and Tupac Shakur. But his drawings are about much more than that, he is working on his own mythology with made up characters that are fighting against all sorts of demons and monsters. Desmond and the guys from Patta have an obvious connection when it comes to music. Together they will bring an ode to Westcoast MC Eiht from Compton. In addition, Desmond has been working on his own film for quite some time, and Patta will help finishing this work of art.

Image from Desmond Tjon-A-Koy & Regillio Benjamin & Patta by OutsiderWear

Regillio and Guillaume

Image from Desmond Tjon-A-Koy & Regillio Benjamin & Patta by OutsiderWear

Desmond and Vincent