CREAHM & Lara Lancereau-Jaulin


Zamenhofstraat 108 - 8, 1022 AG Amsterdam

Wed - Sun 12:00 - 19:00

Lara Lancereau-Jaulin (1991) is a French graphic designer, textile designer and artist. Her work creates pleasure and freedom using cheap materials. After studying graphic design she did a residency in Liège at the RAVI where she came into contact with the CREAHM. CREAHM is the creative center for outsider artists in Liège. There she came into contact with the following artists.

Aurélie Volon loves making bras and dancing flamenco. Aymeric Dodeigne loves to personalize phone cases and handbags. His favorite food is ‘boulet frites’. Guillaume Paps is completely intrigued by fashion shows. His ideal fashion show would be a combination of Claude François and Beauty and the Beast. Michel Petiniot is obsessed with butterflies. His work consists of repetitive movements that create special vibrations. Samuel Cariaux is a big fan of Japan. He can lead a tea ceremony, kung fu and he is Buddhist. Vincent Becker paints on wood, likes to work on caps and glasses. Furthermore, his passions go out to Morocco and Johnny Holiday.

Lara worked intensively with these artists for three months. What started as an idea to make flags ended in a creation of clothing but also flags that can be worn. In times of Corona, the group felt that they needed warmth and good vibes. The theme became the Sun and the group grew into a close family.

The works of this collective will be on display and for sale at the ABCND store at Zamenhofstraat 108 – 8 in Amsterdam.

Image from CREAHM & Lara Lancereau-Jaulin by OutsiderWearImage from CREAHM & Lara Lancereau-Jaulin by OutsiderWear