Ayse Somuncu & Bas Kosters

Outsider Art Galerie

Neerlandiaplein 1, 1018 DR Amsterdam

wed - sun 12:00 -17:00

Galerie Fleur & Wouter, pop up Lil’Amsterdam

Centraal Station: Stationsplein 31 - 33, 1012 AA Amsterdam

wed - sun 12:00 - 19:00

Me hi. Ayse, me Bas, hi.

Bas: ‘I will be creating an exhibition with the work of Ayse Somuncu. We are working together on an art exhibition, in which her work will be the main focus. I want to create a large installation that celebrates her art, my art, and fashion on itself. I try to work in a very casual manner with Ayse so we can keep on creating new things. For me it’s all about the process, but I know that Ayse wants to see concrete results. I make tapestries of her drawings. I send her figures from my world as an inspiration for her drawings. The other day we made a big portrait of each other. Gradually we will see what this collaboration will bring us, we are discussing art-dolls, teddy bears, witches and scary masks, all great stuff. And maybe even a party dress at the end.’

Ayse likes pretty things and fashion, but also stuffed animals, Disney princesses and other funny figures. She knows very well what she considers pretty, ugly or cool. What the exhibition will look like she doesn’t know exactly. Ayse likes to draw and loves to see her drawings on textile made into pretty things.

Bas Kosters is an artist and designer who operates from passion and compassion. From engagement he creates worlds populated with loads of extravagant, alarming and tender figures. Decisiveness and enthusiasm are the two utmost important terms to all his pursuits. With a penchant for textile and paper he tries to challenge social and personal matters that he considers important. Surrounded by humor and text, he shows emotions that might otherwise be hard to accept. A fascination for figures and characters, but also erotics, can sometimes lead to an abrasive reality in which many perceptions battle for attention. Welcome to the world of Bas Kosters.

Image from Ayse Somuncu & Bas Kosters by OutsiderWear

Ayse and Bas

Image from Ayse Somuncu & Bas Kosters by OutsiderWearImage from Ayse Somuncu & Bas Kosters by OutsiderWear