Alex Naber & Hardeman

@Droog Amsterdam

Staalstraat 7-A, 1011 JJ Amsterdam

every day 12:00 - 19:00

HARDEMAN is a genderless denim brand. The designs of Hardeman are inspired by traditional and industrial worker’s wear. She works with Americana-inspired fabrics like pinstripe, tie-dye and gingham.

Sophie is the creative mastermind behind HARDEMAN and she is an international rising star with shows in New York, Los Angeles and Paris. Her clothes are worn by celebrities like Rihanna, Beyoncé and Lil Nas.

Alex Naber is a poet and artist with Down Syndrome. He wrote a book called “Alex is a girl’s name”. Alex likes to cross dress, perform, rap and sing. Because Sophie lives in L.A. Alex has been working with the mother of Sophie, Els. And also with Merle, who is also the HARDEMAN family. We are very proud of this creative team.

Alex works in Atelier A93 in Almere. And because of his creative and genderbending personality he is the perfect fit for HARDEMAN. Who wants to make Alex a star just as big as Rihanna.

HARDEMAN also collaborates with Jimmy. Jimmy is a graffiti artist and makes art around the LA area. Jimmy likes working with spray paint, markers and airbrush. Jimmy has been making art since he was 16 years of age. Jimmy is inspired mostly by other writers and artists. Jimmy’s work is graphical and contains a lot of words and hidden messages. Jimmy likes HARDEMAN because of the unique style that the brand represents, the raw denim and phenomenal patterns present in their work.

HARDEMAN is really excited to work with Jimmy and can’t wait to explore more possibilities together. Jimmy’s creative brain, big way of thinking and sweet personality makes him the perfect fit for HARDEMAN.

Image from Alex Naber & Hardeman by OutsiderWear

Alex and Sophie Hardeman’s mother