Aàdesokan & Maxivive

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In addition, we have initiated a collaboration all the way in Nigeria. Lagos is the fashion capital from the African continent. In this conservative land Maxivive (1992) might be one of the most taboo-breaking fashion designers you can imagine. His clothes are often non-gender and abundant. As a protest against limited gayrights he organized a fashion show in the shape of a gay-marriage and his clothes often refer to protest movements and sex. In addition his clothes show a huge materiality that makes you want to wear every piece instantly!

Maxivive will be collaborating with Ameen Aàdesokan (2000), an artist with down syndrome that makes introverted black and white drawings. In Lagos there is no creative workplace, so Aàdesokan usually works from home. This project is very important, not only for Aàdesokan, but for all the other artists with a disability, because it shows how valuable these kinds of collaborations can be, also in Lagos. Maxivive and Aàdesokan want to work on two different lines: one with raw artistic designs that will be sold uniquely and do not necessarily have to be wearable and one bit more marketable.

Image from Aàdesokan & Maxivive by OutsiderWear

Àadesokan and Maxivive